About us

Rabbi Shneur was born in Chicago, Illinois and received his bachelor’s degree and Rabbinical Ordination from Rabbinical College of America in Morristown, New Jersey.

In the seven years during which he completed his rabbinical and postgraduate studies, he led services and did community outreach in Colombia, Holland, Greece and Norway. In the United States, he spent much of his time working with Jewish communities around the country. He also visited Jewish prisoners to help uplift their spirits and give them much needed encouragement.

For Chana, growing up in the home of the Rebbe’s representatives to South Texas, an open home to all was a natural way of life. After graduating with honor from Beth Rivkah High School in Brooklyn, she received a diploma in education from Beit Chana Seminary in Safed, Israel.

Her devotion and care for a brighter Jewish future endeared her to Jewish communities from Chernigov, Ukraine to Anchorage, Alaska and all across the United States. With her exceptional love for children and her energetic upbeat demeanor, Chana was a highly sought after teacher who spent time teaching in Gan Gani Preschool in San Antonio, Texas, LPS Preschool in Tenafly, NJ, and City Gan in Long Island City, NY.

With their warm smiles and non-judgmental approach, the Wolf’s will service the spiritual needs of the Flathead Valley.